Find Famed Grizzly 399


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A Quest to Find Famed Jackson Hole Grizzly 399 in the Company of Equally Famous American Nature Photographer Thomas Mangelsen


FALL 2021

Jackson Hole Grizzly Mama 399 is considered the most famous bear in the world, with a fan club that extends around the globe and includes Dr. Jane Goodall. In May 2021, Grizzly 399 is expected to emerge from her den in Pilgrim Creek with four one-year-old cubs born in 2020. She is the subject of an award-winning book, “Grizzlies of Pilgrim Creek” featuring stunning images by famed nature photographer Thomas Mangelsen (recently profiled on 60 Minutes) and narrative from Todd Wilkinson, founder of Mountain Journal and a journalist for 35 years.

On this trip, you’ll accompany Mangelsen and Wilkinson on a quest to find 399 along the roadside and be entertained by stories about this matriarch going back nearly two decades. Don’t worry: you’ll never get too close and will become skilled in the etiquette of safe wildlife watching.

The trip will begin before dawn at Mangelsen’s home near Moose, Wyoming and end at dusk with dinner around a campfire in his backyard set beneath the towering Tetons. Along the way you’ll learn about why Greater Yellowstone is regarded as “the American Serengeti” and, if you bring your camera, gain a few tips from one of the country’s best-known wildlife photographers.

There’s no guarantee you’ll see 399 - but with Mangelsen and Wilkinson you have a good chance of seeing other wildlife.