Flying D Ranch Nature Safari


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One-Day Nature Safari in the Backcountry of Ted Turner’s Famous Ranch, The Flying D - Home to the Largest Private Bison Herd and One of the Largest Public Wolf Packs in America.


FALL 2020 / SUMMER 2021

Ted Turner’s Flying D Ranch, located outside of Bozeman, is one of the most famous private ranches in America. Known for Turner’s resident herd of 5,000 bison, a large wild resident wolf pack, and the fact that it serves as a sanctuary for a long list of other native species, the Flying D is a visual marvel at 114,000 acres and set beneath the picturesque Spanish Peaks. Amazingly, the ranch will never be developed or covered by homes as Turner placed one of the largest conservation easements in the country on it.

This special outing offers you the opportunity to visit parts of the ranch that the general public does not see—and do it in the company of a prominent American ecologist. Your host Mike Phillips oversaw the reintroduction of wolves in Yellowstone and this trip will conclude with an evening of listening for howling wolves on the ranch.

Phillips is no mere garden variety biologist. Today, he is director of the Turner Endangered Species Fund. He also previously served as an elected leader in the Montana House and Senate.

On this trip you’ll also be accompanied by MoJo board member Lisa Diekmann and MoJo founder Todd Wilkinson, author of “Last Stand: Ted Turner’s Quest to Save a Troubled Planet.”

Why is Turner an international icon, and what lessons can be learned about his pathfinding approach to conservation? You’ll learn why and be treated to an informal dinner in the field near dusk.

Warning: excellent scenic photo opportunities.