New World Mine Site Guided Tour


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How Yellowstone Was Saved At New World: visit one of the most dramatic conservation battlegrounds in the modern history of Greater Yellowstone with a leader who enlisted a US President as an ally



The sweep of the Absaroka-Beartooths north of Cooke City, Montana rate among the most spectacular mountains in Greater Yellowstone. Today, they also represent an inspiring handhold for hope and they are a major reference point when it comes to the exciting conservation movement known as rewilding.

On this special saunter, you'll learn about - and be inspired by - about a natural comeback worthy of legend while joining nationally-known conservationist and MoJo board member Mike Clark for a hike to Crown Butte and the historic New World Mine site - located at 9000 feet near the top of Henderson Mountain.

During the 1990s, Clark and allies worked with President Clinton to halt a major gold mine from development in New World that represented a grave risk to rivers inside and outside the park. In the years since the area has been restored, to the point that grizzly bears, wolves, elk and other species wander through this old historic mining site.

Package includes lunch at New World and dinner on the way home.